What people are saying.

“Put simply, she is the most outstanding educator that I have come across in education. If all of this seems like high praise, be assured it is.  Lisa may be one of the most important math educators in the country.  She has an uncanny ability to make math understandable for her students.  More than that she is able to share her abilities and thinking with other teachers.  As we go about reforming mathematics education in America, Lisa is a voice that needs to be heard.  In a word, she is remarkable.” 

– Jeffrey Riley, Academic Superintendent for Boston Middle & K8 Schools

“Everything she touches turns to gold.”

– Kate Finley, Deputy Chief Academic Officer of KIPP DC

“At the end of the year, Suben [now Ramish] had produced one of the biggest one-year achievement jumps in KIPP history, from the 16th to the 71st percentile.”

– Jay Mathews, Work Hard. Be Nice.

“[Ramish’s] efforts to encourage students to think about, discuss and write down their best strategies gave them confidence. They knew when they got the right answer, it was because of their intellectual ability, not because they memorized something.”

New Teacher Jolts KIPP, The Washington Post

“I’d rather pay Lisa Suben [now Ramish] more to stay forever.”

– Susan Schaeffler, Founder and CEO of KIPP DC

Brilliance in a Box, Slate

“The teachers we honor today have demonstrated uncommon skill and devotion in the classroom.”

– President Barack Obama

Outstanding Math and Science Teachers Honored by President, National Science Foundation

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