An Approach that Works

Committed to equity.

Lisa’s commitment to dismantle white supremacy starts with her commitment to self-reflection and unpacking her own biases. Her coaching approach gives the people she works with ownership over the direction and structure of their meetings. She is dedicated to supporting leaders in creating impactful mathematical experiences that promote conceptual understanding for all students.


Every minute is precious so Lisa emphasizes looking forward at upcoming lessons rather than backward at lesson autopsies. Her coaching focuses on the study, collaboration, discussion, rehearsal and checks for teacher understanding that ensure lessons are great before they are delivered. She helps schools use daily data points to improve instruction for the very next day.

Focused on content.

The key to cultivating students who truly understand math and feel confident in their own abilities is cultivating teachers who truly understand math and feel confident in their own abilities. Lisa uses multiple mediums to give teachers the content knowledge they need for upcoming lessons, and she communicates a clear and inspiring vision of excellence.


Math educators often seem to pit the constructivist approach against memorization and practice. Lisa helps schools balance both approaches with an emphasis on speaking and writing. She helps schools plan special routines for key content, with a particular emphasis on word problems, which should be threaded through all lessons.


Every curriculum needs to be tweaked for the place where it is being used. Lisa creates tools and plans to ensure easy and effective implementation at a particular school given its particular constraints. Her professional development workshops are personalized for wherever she works.