Powerful Coaching and Group Facilitation

One-on-One Meetings

Lisa can partner with an educator at any level of experience and provide an opportunity for focused reflection based on data reflection, classroom observations or guiding questions, depending on the needs of the individual. Coaching can be short-term toward a single specific area of focus or it can sustain an educator through the school year.

From educators:

“Working with you was one of, if not the, best development opportunities I received all year. I learned so much from you about lesson planning, producing materials, daily objectives, and assessments, not to mention test prep!! It really grew me this year and will honestly shape the way I teach for the rest of my career.” – Stephanie J.

“Every time we meet I feel reenergized and ready to hit the ground running again!” – Frances M.

Professional Learning Communities

The number one way that Lisa drove growth as a math coach and led schools to outstanding results was by facilitating professional learning communities. At the meetings, teachers use data, personal experience and school leader observations to identify a problem of practice. They determine the structure they will use to study, discuss and rehearse the instructional moves they want to focus on. Teachers share ownership and responsibility for meetings so that time together is relevant, inclusive and even fun.

From educators:

“I can, without a doubt, say that learning from and working with you this school year has been the best part of my KIPP DC experience. I have learned so much from you about effective instruction, how students develop their mathematical understanding, and most importantly, how to commit fully and truly to moving students towards academic growth and success. I’m sure you know this already, but I wanted to reiterate that you are AMAZING AT YOUR JOB! I have always felt supported, heard, and prepared for any and all math content this school year. I have strengthened and deepened my skills as an educator and my students have reaped many of those benefits showing a ton of growth on their Spring Math MAP. But again, that is due to your impeccably developed curriculum. You truly embody KIPP’s mission and do it in a way that inspires and motivates others to join you.” -Chelsea B.

“I’ve always known your meetings were important and valuable to me because they helped me in the moment. But now that I am elsewhere, I’m finding that 1. you are a genius and there is no one else like you and 2. the way you taught us how to think about and teach math is such a gift that I honestly am so grateful for.” – Monica V.

Whether you’re unsure about what you need or ready to start your next big initiative, Lisa would love to talk to you about ways she can help.