Strategic Planning

In partnership with you and your team, Lisa can help you reach ambitious goals. Below are a few of the areas in which Lisa has provided support.

Curriculum Implementation

In order to make sure that students develop fluency as well as procedural and conceptual understanding, it is necessary to turn a curriculum into a routine that incorporates many different components. Lisa does this while creating material to fill in gaps and address a school’s specific areas of need.

Structures for Building Content Knowledge

Lisa uses multiple mediums to give teachers the information they need to execute each lesson. She takes great pride in helping the most reluctant mathematicians learn to love and understand the subject.

Data Analysis & Goal Setting

Lisa has a way of seeing straight to the heart of data. She uses frequent but short classroom co-observations with leaders as well as student and staff interviews to get a clear vision of a school’s next area of growth, which she simplifies into small actionable steps.

Parent Engagement

Math today looks different than when many of parents learned it. Lisa has the resources and expertise for parent outreach that goes beyond the usual parent night game suggestions, which don’t really drive student learning. She has designed exciting math tournaments for schools to build community excitement around math achievement.

Culturally Relevant Curriculum Resources

There is a lot of culturally relevant pedagogy that spans different subject areas. But great math instruction also requires culturally relevant connections to specific learning objectives. Lisa has a collection of these for each grade. She also has task-based units that allow students to develop a critical consciousness as they use math to solve problems that affect their real life.

Special Education Support

In addition to teaching in general education classrooms with inclusion partners, Lisa taught a self-contained special education class for one year. This led Lisa to develop an approach to special education that helps teachers address below grade level goals while also teaching priority grade level content. She helps teachers adapt the curriculum that their school is already using to create continuity for students.

Whether you’re unsure about what you need or ready to start your next big initiative, Lisa would love to talk to you about ways she can help.