Ways to Work Together

Professional Development

Lisa provides engaging and highly interactive workshops, customized for each new audience. She takes great pride in being able to get even the most reluctant grown-ups to learn and love mathematics. She guides memorable interactions that help educators internalize the moves key to great math instruction.

Group Facilitation

Lisa creates routines for professional learning communities to proactively and measurably improve the math instruction they deliver to students. She can take the role of facilitator or she can mentor someone else to facilitate a collaborative and productive community that creates lasting improvement in math classrooms.

Individual Coaching

Lisa helps leaders, coaches and teachers directly improve their practice by going beyond the traditional observation and feedback model. Through proactively planning and rehearsing together, coaching meetings are collaborative, empowering and impactful.

Strategic Planning

Lisa can help you prioritize your goals and turn them into actionable steps by analyzing assessment data, finding trends in classroom observations and synthesizing the knowledge and experience of your team. Together, you can create an effective plan for bringing joy and learning to your students.

Curriculum Work

Customized Collaboration

Lisa can provide advice and support to individuals or teams, customized to fit your needs and budget. Contact her for a consultation.