Clear. Effective. Inspiring.

Lisa spent 10 years as a 5th and 8th grade classroom teacher, guiding her students to the top 5 percent of growth nationally, an average of 2 to 3 years of growth in a single school year. In 2011, she was given the highest award for math educators in the country, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

Then, as senior math coach, Lisa designed and grew the K-5 math program at KIPP DC. The network’s results jumped immediately in Lisa’s first year and continued to stay in the top 20 percent of all schools in Washington DC throughout Lisa’s 8 year tenure. Lisa scaled systems as the network grew from 35 to over 150 teachers. Every year, KIPP DC’s over 2,000 elementary schoolers were some of the highest performing mathematicians in the city.

Now Lisa helps schools across the country build stronger math programs by designing and implementing targeted plans for that next key step in their improvement. Most importantly, Lisa has an infectious enthusiasm that spreads a love of math among educators and students.

“Lisa is like lightning for schools ready to take their math instruction to the next level. She brings energy and power to any program lucky enough to have her strike with her brilliance.”

Gaelan Gallagher, principal of KIPP DC Honor Academy

Ways to Work Together

Professional Development

Lisa provides engaging and highly interactive workshops, customized for each new audience. She takes great pride in being able to get even the most reluctant grown-ups to learn and love mathematics. She guides memorable interactions that help educators internalize the moves key to great math instruction.

Coaching and Facilitation

Whether meeting one-on-one or facilitating professional learning communities, Lisa helps administrators, coaches and teachers improve their practice by going beyond the traditional observation and feedback model. With a focus on proactively planning and rehearsing together, coaching meetings with Lisa are collaborative, empowering and impactful.

Strategic Planning

Lisa can help you prioritize your goals and turn them into actionable steps by analyzing assessment data, finding trends in classroom observations and synthesizing the knowledge and experience of your team. She can provide support with any curriculum work that is necessary. Together, you can create an effective plan for bringing joy and learning to your students.

Whether you’re unsure about what you need or ready to start your next big initiative, Lisa would love to talk to you about ways she can help.